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08 Aug 2017

Asslamulaiakum Wr. Wb

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 Pengurus Besar Taekwondo Indonesia  

The Executive Board of Taekwondo Indonesia (PBTI) through Skep No. 1 year 2017 has authorized the Composition of Intergovernmental Time Exchange Substitution for the 2015 - 2019 Bira period. The PBTI decision indicates that within the period after the stipulation of PBTI management period 2015 - 2019, this is the first time PBTI Overhaul its management structure.

Related to the change of the stewardship structure, PBTI Daily Chief, Zulkifli Tanjung said that the PBTI Chairman's decision is normal in the organization, and its consideration is solely for the refreshment and the organization's need for the future of PBTI governance to be more effective in accordance with the order and rules organization.

"Organizers change in the organization is common, at least it is needed to answer the needs and challenges of the organization in the future to be more effective and transparent" said Zulkifli when asked TIN yesterday in the Secretariat PBTI (7/2).

Furthermore, PBTI's Chairman asserted that PBTI is currently in the middle of preparing itself for the 2017 Sea Games and the upcoming 2018 Asian Games, it is also seriously organizing various organizational tools including HR managers, to match the performance rhythm. He pointed out that at this time for example, PBTI has issued SOPs on the UKT and Referee Assignment System which will be implemented after all pengprov receive socialization about it. Previously PBTI also has arranged the administration and secretarial system so that the service process to the board in the region becomes more smoothly, effectively and transparently.

"We focus not only on achievement, but also on organizational structuring. Currently we are planning to get better is related to the UKT and Arbitration Assignment System. Both of these have been regional inputs to PBTI in the National Congress last year. It aims to taekwondo activities involving field matches, arbitration and other related areas run more professional and quality. This order is also needed so that later the new board that will lead and manage PBTI in the future, can carry out its duties with more well organized. "Firmly Chief Daily.

Added by the Chief Executive of the Daily, the substitution of PBTI management is also expected that information and communications related to the relevant fields or commissions are also known by the officials in the region, so in the implementation of taekwondo activities, there is no errors of coordination and communication.

As is known, some of the administrators who were replaced were in various fields, among others, in the legal commissions, which originally consisted of 3 persons, namely Sirra Prayuna, SH, Adi Darmawulan, SH, and Sukarmin, SH, MH, currently only two Just minus Sukarmin, SH, MH. In the Game Commission, which was originally filled by M. Insan Kami and Tony Juliasto, was overhauled with the entry of Fernando Sinosuka to replace Tony Juliasto.

Dipomisi Perwasitan, Enter Ferdiansyah and Rizki Purwadentafa replace Tri Nurjanah and Mulyadi Jansen. Both accompanied the Chairman of the Commission of Refereeing which remained Indra Mulia Arie Zuhri. UKT commissioned originally filled by three officials namely Acen Tanuwijaya, Hans Prihatindra and Denny Tanood, currently leaving only two people. Namely Acen Tanuwijaya and Hans Prihatindra.

While the Commission Business Fund previously in the post by Col (Purn) Gugun Gumilar, Zufri Agustian and Fernando Sinosuka, all three were replaced with only one person, namely Lunardi Rahardja. *) Red

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