Although the country of origin Taekwondo, South Korea still ranks top in the rankings of the world rankings, but in the event Rio Games 2016 ago, the African country emerged as an unexpected new power.

On 13 November 2016, in Burnaby, Canada World Taekwondo Fderation invited representatives of National Association Members, or MNAs in a one-day seminar held at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown Hotel in Burnaby, Canada November 13, 2016.

Beautiful Turkish hijaber, Kubra Dagli, 20 years old, managed to carve the achievement. He won the gold medal at the world Taekwondo championships held in Lima, Peru some time ago.

PBTI Chief Speech

05 Aug 2017 Written by

Asslamulaiakum Wr. Wb

Salam Sejahtera untuk kita semua,


Salam Olahraga,

letnan jendral TNI (Purn) Marciano Norman

First of all we welcome visitors at the website of the Big Management of Taekwondo Indonesia (PBTI) as one of the communication media and official information sources managed by the Taekwondo Big Executive Board of Indonesia.

The existence of the Official Website of PBTI is an important part of various records on the achievements of the results and the dynamics of the development and achievements of taekwondo sport in Indonesia. Through the content contained in the official website of this PBTI, is expected to help provide visitors positive and constructive information, so that taekwondo is a sport as well as Korean martial arts is increasingly popular and growing and getting a positive place in the eyes of the people of Indonesia.

Through this official PBTI website also, various programs and achievements taekwondo Indonesia achievement strived well documented. This means that all stakeholders of government, board, athlete, coach, referee and even business world, can empirically interpret the journey and effort of Taekwondo Big Management Board in the effort to give the best contribution for the nation and the country.

In addition, it is also important for all parties, whether directly or indirectly related to the development and achievement of taekwondo, to make this official PBTI website as a means of interaction and information sharing, as well as a source of knowledge so that the existence of this official website PBTI can take part to help keep And improve the atmosphere of taekwondo sport in Indonesia.

May Allah SWT grant His Grace and His Gift to us all. Kalam end, hopefully the existence of this official PBTI website can be useful for the progress of taekwondo sport in Indonesia.

Go and Success Taekwondo Indonesia!

Wassalamulaiakum Wr. Wb



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