Structure & Stewardship

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  : Letjen TNI (Purn) Erwin Sudjono, SH
Field of Analysis and Evaluation : Alex Harjanto
Interdepartmental Field : Ir. Tb. Ade Lukman Djahadikusuma, MEMOS
Foreign Affairs : Shin Seung Jung
Chairman : Letjen TNI (Purn) Marciano Norman
Vice Chairman I : Mayjen TNI M. Thamrin Marzuki
Vice Chairman II   : Brigjen TNI (Purn) H. Noor Fadjari, ST
Vice Chairman III   : Richard Halim Kusuma
Chif : Zulkifli Tanjung, SE
Secretary : Dirc Richard, SE, MM
Vice Secretary : T. Syahrial, SE
Accounting : Ir. Hani Dian
Vice Accounting : Steffi Harum Natalisa, SE, Skom
Public Relations : Kolonel Inf. Ruminta
    Wahyu Hagono, SIP
    Ragiul Sutarto
Organization Chief of Field : Yefi Triaji, SIP
Commission Law : Sirra Prayuna, SH
    Addy Darmawulan, SH
Commission Foreign Affair : Kolonel Laut (T) Aditya Kumara
Commission Intergovernmental : John Edward Sidjabat, SE
Chief of Field II BinPres : Rahmi Kurnia, SE
Commission of Competitions : Muhammad Insan Kamil, SE
    Fernando Sinisuka, SH
Commission UKT : Acen Tanuwijaya
    Hans Prihatindra
Referee Commission : Tubagus Indra Mulia Ari Zuhri,
    Rizki Purwadentafa
Training Cmmission : Dr. Fahmy Facrezzy, MPd
    Ina Sari Febriana Sari Hard Putri, SS
R&D Chief : Ir. Anthony Musa Siregar, SH, MH, MKn
Health Commission : Dr. dr. Basuki Supartono, P.OT, FICS, MARS
Science and Technology Commission : Andi Trinanda, SE, MM
Business and Financial Commission : Lunadi Rahardja


History and Development

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Taekwondo is one type of martial arts originating from South Korea. Since a few years back, the popularity of this martial art more and more in demand by the people of Indonesia. Less perfect when it has many who follow this martial arts but do not know the history and origins of this martial art itself. Therefore, here we present the origin and history of one of the greatest martial arts in the world.


As mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph, Taekwondo is one of the martial arts branches originating from Ginseng Country, South Korea. Therefore, of course the origin of Taekwondo is also derived from Korean, the meaning is:

Tae: Legs.
Kwon: Punch by hand.
Do: System / art.

So the overall meaning of Taekwondo is more or less: Art uses the feet or hands as a weapon to defend itself.


History records, Taekwondo began appearing in the year 37M during the Kogooryo dynasty in Korea. At that time, the public called this martial art with several different names, including Subak, Taekkyon and Taeyon. From that time to the beginning of the 20th century, Taekwondo was still used for cultural events and martial arts for knights in dynasties.

At the time of the Japanese colonial period to Korea, the development of martial arts was strongly suppressed along with other traditional cultures. Until the time Korea was independent in 1945, the Korean people just started to develop and teach their children with this Taekwondo martial art.

In 1973, a Taekwondo master named Kim Un Yong founded an International Taekwondo Federation (World Taekwondo Federation) headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Since then, Taekwondo has become known by the outside world and more than 180 defense divisions from different countries use this art as an official martial art for their police and army units.



Not long after the formation of the Word Taekwondo Federation, apparently there are groups that are still different from different views and theories with the group led by Kim Un Yong earlier. So the different groups created their own organization headquartered in Canada named International Taekwondo Federation. Kubu is also led by a master Taekwondo named Chong Hi.

This alleged division is caused by differences in flow, philosophy and methods in teaching.



The year 1973 was the first year of the world-class Taekwondo championship. This championship is very much attention to various countries, including Indonesia. Thus, in 1975 entered this martial art to Indonesia. At that time, there were two Taekwondo organizations in Indonesia that were in charge of both international streams. The ITF flow is represented by PTI (Persatuan Taekwondo Indonesia) led by Lt. Gen. Leo Lopulisa, while the WTF flow is represented by FTI (Federation of Taekwondo Indonesia) led by Marshal Sugiri.

But this split did not last long. 5 years ago, which is around the 80s, KONI open sport opportunities for Taekwondo as its members but on condition there is only one container Taekwondo in Indonesia. Thus, in 1981 the two organizations held a national deliberation that resulted in the decision of the unification of the two organizations in a new organization named Taekwondo Indonesia led by Lt. Gen. Leo Lupolisa as chairman.



The belt attached to Taekwondo participants (taekwondoin) with various colors is not a belt without meaning. This is the meaning of the belt that exists at every Taekwondo level:

White   : Symbolizes the beginning or basis of all colors. At this level the taekwondoons learn the basic technique (gibon) 1.
Yellow  : Symbolize the earth. At this level began to be taught the basics of Taekwondo (TKD) strongly by studying gibon 2 and 3.
Green   : Symbolize the trees. At this level, these basic techniques begin to be developed by learning taeguk 2.
Blue     : Symbolize the blue of the sky that enveloped the earth that means that taekwondoin must begin to know the meaning of what has been learned, by understanding the lesson taeguk 4.
Red      : Symbolize the sun meaning taekwondoin should have to be a guide for people and can control the attitude, by learning taeguk 6.
Black    : It symbolizes darkness, depth, maturity in practice and self-control. In this belt, there are still levels 1-9 that still have to be lived.




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Two taekwondoin Kaltim namely Mariska Halinda and Ruhil are undergoing national training camp (Pelatnas) preparation to face the SEA Games 2017.

Branch Manager Taekwondo Indonesia (TI) of Cirebon City held a Level of Level Examination (UKT) which was attended by 437 athletes at Pemuda Building, Cirebon City, Sunday (22/1).

The Indonesian Taekwondo (IT) Semarang will start training camp to face the 2018 Central Java Provincial Qualifiers in February.

TNI Brigadier General Ivan Ronald P. promised to carry out his duties as best as possible in order to restore and improve Jakarta's taekwondo glory.

TI Kepri held Training of Trainer II and District III Referee and Level Exam (UKT) and Kukkiwon IV at Office of Youth and Sports (Kanpora) from Wednesday (15/2) until Sunday (19/2).

A total of 70 trainers follow Taekwondo Taelker Education Level District held by the Provincial Board (Pengprov) Taekwondo Indonesia, at Dinning Hall Wisma Jakabaring Athlete, 17-19 February 2017.

Vice Chairman of PBTI, Brig. Gen. (Ret.) H. Noor Fadjari, ST opened Deliberation Province (Musprov) Taekwondo Indonesia Central Kalimantan, held at MidTown Hotel, Sampit City, Kab. Kotawaringin Timur, Central Kalimantan on February 18, 2017.

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