The intensity of the taekwondo championship that is very often held in various regions is currently the concern of the Head of Achievement Development (Bipnres) PBTI, Rahmi Kurnia. He stressed the importance of the organizers to immediately make a report to the administrators in their respective areas. If the championship is at national level, then the report is sent to PBTI. He highlighted not only because of the administrative ordering factor. The report is very important because as a qualitative data for the board later when receiving a report related to the potential talented athletes recommended by the organizers to be followed up or need to be monitored further by the board.

Ahead of the SEA Games that fall in August, make PBTI (Taekwondo Indonesia's Big Board) began to tighten the preparations. In order to improve the achievement of Indonesia PBTI promotes degradation on 3 Pelatnas athletes. It is said by Kabid Bimpres PBTI Rahmi Kurnia to this newspaper, Sunday (29/1). Rahmi Kurnia said they are Aghniny Haque (Central Java), Megawati Tamesti (Jabar) and Argya Virangga (Bali). "We see from a certainty when playing. Those who are degraded also in terms of achievement tend to stag starting from the beginning, "said Rahmi.

The Executive Board of Taekwondo Indonesia (PBTI) in the near future will soon launch SOP Stardarisasi Match, UKT and SOP Assignment National Referee in environment Taekwondo Indonesia. This was stated by Head of Achievement Development (Binpres) Rahmi Kurnia to TIN yesterday (3/2).

The Executive Board of Taekwondo Indonesia (PBTI) through Skep No. 1 year 2017 has authorized the Composition of Intergovernmental Time Exchange Substitution for the 2015 - 2019 Bira period. The PBTI decision indicates that within the period after the stipulation of PBTI management period 2015 - 2019, this is the first time PBTI Overhaul its management structure.

Located in Trigatra - Lemhanas Building, Jakarta, on Friday, February 17, 2017, General Chairman of the Taekwondo Indonesia Big Board (PBTI) Lieutenant General (Marciano Norman) confirmed the ranks of the administrators of the Province of Taekwondo Indonesia (Pengprov TI) DKI Jakarta 2016-2020 period. Inauguration of Pengprov TI DKI Jakarta with the elected general chairman, Brigadier General Ivan R. Paleleu, SE, MM, was attended by the ranks of Taekwondo Executive Board of Indonesia, also attended by a number of club representatives in DKI Jakarta. Also attended by the Rector of the University of Mercu Buana, representatives KONI DKI Jakarta, Education and Sports DKi Jakarta, and other invites. Including Chairman Pengprov TI DKI previous period, H. Asraf Ali and Jakarta athletes, both Senior and junior.

The PBTI Referees Commission represented by Ferdiansyah follows the International Referee Refresher Course 106th Kyoruki, 18 - 21 Feb 2017, in Fujairah U.E.A. The "International Referee Refresher Course 106th Kyorugi" activity was attended by 38 countries in Asia and several European countries.

The parent of the sports organization (PB / PP) welcomed the plan of the Indonesian Gold Program Implementation Unit (Satlak Prima) to recruit Primary athletes in the long term coaching program. The information previously discussed in the meeting Satlak Prima with PB / PP discussed the issue of the Primary athlete recruitment plan in Kemenpora Jakarta, early February.

The board of Taekwondo Indonesia (PBTI) is calling for junior athletes to attend the national championship to attend the Asian Junior Taekwondo Championships (kyorugi & Poomsae) championship held by the Asian Taekwondo Union (ATU) April 18-21 in Kazakhstan. The seleknas will be held on March 18, 2017 in Popki Cibubur, Jakarta.

The Big Board of Taekwondo Indonesia (PBTI) opened the opportunity to local athletes from Pelatda, PPLP, PPLM and Club to conduct a test of premier athletes pelatnas in Cibubur Jakarta. The statement was submitted by the Head of Achievement Development (Binpres) Rahmi Kurnia to TIN 10/3 then in Selretariat PBTI, Senayan Jakarta.

Taekwondo Indonesia Big Executive (PBTI) held a National Selection for junior athletes in GOR Popki Cibubur, Jakarta 18/3. Seleknas followed 36 athletes for the Kyorugi category and 12 athletes for the Poomsae category coming from different regions. Selelnas digelarnya this in order to follow the Asian Championship Championship Junior Taekwondo Championship which will take place in Kazakhstan from 19 to 21 April 2017 next April.

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